Your product stinks but your customers LOVE it! Huh?

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“…even if our product has a few flaws, if our customers don’t seem to mind, what’s the big deal?” -Former Product Manager of $250mm product line; currently busboy at favorite childhood diner  Surfing for your blind-spots with your product (My product’s got flaws?  What flaws?) Bottom line is that you & your customers have come to accept many of your … Read More

How well does your product speak (SCREAM!) its value to customers?

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Shy products are losing products.  Your product must SHOUT! its value to customers on an ongoing basis.  Whether your product is an app, an insurance policy, an energy-saving service or providing IT support, it is essential that you develop a strategy to communicate the value your product is providing customers on a recurring basis, particularly as part of a customer’s … Read More

Getting to know your product

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There are few greater career levers in marketing and product management than having a deep understanding of your products & their consumers.  When colleagues, partners, and management see that you’ve gained such mastery, your ability to influence & drive business decisions grows substantially.One method I’ve found for quickly infusing yourself with a healthy dose of product insight is running your … Read More

Can you afford your new brand positioning? Ask HSBC, the former “World’s Local Bank”

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It happens time & time again… some bright, creative marketers or agency folks devise a clever new brand positioning for a company or product… so far, so good… The problem, however, is that the clever new positioning rarely gets vetted, analyzed or market-tested to determine the associated benefits and costs (one-time and ongoing).  And, of course, the bitter irony is … Read More

21 Great Questions to Generate New Product Innovations

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As I always say, if you can’t beat ’em, re-publish ’em – with the proper sourcing, of course 🙂   With a career that has focused deeply on product (management, marketing, development, innovation), I’d like to think I’m quite the connoisseur of the finest of writings on such topics.  Below is a terrific set of questions for getting you out … Read More