Reduce customer churn using the 5W’s Tool

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My love for the 5Ws was professed (or at least implied) in a prior post, proving that I am not afraid to express my deep affection for abstract concepts – luckily I have a very understanding wife. So here we go again, another ode to the 5Ws, one of the simplest yet most powerful ways to generate ideas to improve … Read More

Marketing & the 5 W’s: a framework for marketing innovation

5Ws, business strategy, framework, innovation, marketing communication, marketing strategy, products

In my prior post I introduced the wonders of the 5 W’s, and how you could benefit from utilizing this foundation of journalism in your efforts to innovate & develop potent marketing strategies. In this post I provide a peak into one of several dozen 5W’s frameworks you can use to turbo-charge your marketing efforts. 5 W’s Consumer Journey Framework This … Read More

Marketing & the 5 W’s: why every marketer should take a journalism class

5Ws, business strategy, context, contextual marketing, innovation, marketing, marketing strategy, segmentation

Journalism 101. Who, what, when, where, why, how?… these key dimensions that are the foundation of journalism can also be used to design great marketing & segmentation strategies, and to turbo-charge your innovation efforts. The 5 W’s as they have been dubbed, can serve as a powerful tool for gaining deep insight into the contextual nature surrounding the need for … Read More