Can you afford your new brand positioning? Ask HSBC, the former “World’s Local Bank”

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It happens time & time again… some bright, creative marketers or agency folks devise a clever new brand positioning for a company or product… so far, so good… The problem, however, is that the clever new positioning rarely gets vetted, analyzed or market-tested to determine the associated benefits and costs (one-time and ongoing). ¬†And, of course, the bitter irony is … Read More

Injecting some Maslow into your marketing

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What would you say if I told you that just a few miles off the coast of Australia was a tiny island where a man’s success was indicated by the colorfulness of his shirt? Think male peacocks or Seinfeld-as-pirate, whichever is easier to visualize. For fear of defaming the semester I studied anthropology in London, I will leave the “anthro-isms” … Read More