Your product stinks but your customers LOVE it! Huh?

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“…even if our product has a few flaws, if our customers don’t seem to mind, what’s the big deal?” -Former Product Manager of $250mm product line; currently busboy at favorite childhood diner  Surfing for your blind-spots with your product (My product’s got flaws?  What flaws?) Bottom line is that you & your customers have come to accept many of your … Read More

21 Great Questions to Generate New Product Innovations

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As I always say, if you can’t beat ’em, re-publish ’em – with the proper sourcing, of course 🙂   With a career that has focused deeply on product (management, marketing, development, innovation), I’d like to think I’m quite the connoisseur of the finest of writings on such topics.  Below is a terrific set of questions for getting you out … Read More

Marketing warriors, fight for thy customer!

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Whenever I need a little marketing pick-me-up, I turn to this guy, The Ultimate Warrior (the nice-looking gentleman pictured to the right). A beacon of strength, courage & determination, Ultimate fought his way to the top of the World Wrestling Federation during my youth, despite the greater popularity of Hulk Hogan. Sure, much of his energy was likely derived from … Read More

Just ask your mom!.. and save all those marketing research dollars

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I’m convinced that some marketers have gone out and spent $250,000 on marketing research when all they really needed to do was pick up the phone and “call mom”. It’s not that spending lots of money to watch what people say & do behind 1-way mirrors isn’t interesting, it’s just that the entire process of conducting research can take forever … Read More

Marketers and the “us vs. them” illusion

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As marketers there seems to exist a cognitive split between our work brains and our non-work brains, which I refer to as the “us vs. them illusion“. Our work brains view customers as “other”; an assemblage of abstract people whom we often glob together in our minds and try to “do things to” in order to influence their behaviors in … Read More