Grow or die! Product fertilizer to grow your top line

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Apologies on the overly dramatic, “please-read-me!” title. I figured I’d jump into the pool with the rest of the bloggers attempting to get the attention of the 1.6 billion of you bouncing around the virtual world. Anyhow, you’re probably familiar with the phrase, “whatever stops growing eventually dies”. And, while I don’t subscribe to this black & white, morbid declaration, … Read More

How to unleash the power of context and turbo-charge your marketing

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There are few more powerful insights you can generate than learning the main contexts in which demand for your product/product category arises. Having such knowledge will allow you to elevate your marketing and develop deeper, more profitable relationships with your customers.————Step 1: identify the most frequent demand contexts The first step in unleashing the power of context is to identify … Read More

Your pricing should be influenced by your customer’s reference point

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We love to think of ourselves as rational, objective beings. And yet endless scientific studies indicate that we are anything but… context, the framing of information, and cues can have a profound influence upon how we view the world, and the decisions that we make..   Let’s start with a fun warm-up exercise! Real quick – what animal is displayed … Read More

Marketing & the 5 W’s: why every marketer should take a journalism class

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Journalism 101. Who, what, when, where, why, how?… these key dimensions that are the foundation of journalism can also be used to design great marketing & segmentation strategies, and to turbo-charge your innovation efforts. The 5 W’s as they have been dubbed, can serve as a powerful tool for gaining deep insight into the contextual nature surrounding the need for … Read More


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All good marketing requires a rich understanding of context – environmental and personal.We are always embedded in a context. The time of day; the weather; the people we are with or not with; our location – at home, at the doctor, in a store, at work; our present goals, objectives and activities; our current emotional states & energy levels… to … Read More