Strategic Marketing Framework to print out & hang on your wall at work

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I’ve found this framework to be immensely helpful to me throughout my career.  Particularly during those fire-fighting, short-term focused periods of work that we all experience from time to time, this framework has always helped me to reorient myself & recalibrate. There’s a lot more to come with the framework – I’ll be drilling down into the different dimensions in … Read More

Another framework to print out and put on your wall at work

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Akin Arikan, author of Multichannel Marketing: Metrics and Methods for On and Offline Success, did a beautiful job grafting a digital/web 2.0 layer onto my strategic marketing framework. (His terrific framework is just below) Also, I highly recommend you read his post describing his digital marketing framework so you can get a better understand of the concepts behind it. Powerful, … Read More

Innoviation via other worlds: a tool for generating powerful ideas for your business

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I’m not quite referring to Mars or Pluto when I say “other worlds”. Although, there is no doubt that even a few seconds of stargazing can inspire & fuel your innovation efforts. By “other worlds” I’m talking a little closer to home than Mars or Pluto. What I am referring to is a great framework for innovation in which we … Read More

Marketing & the 5 W’s: a framework for marketing innovation

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In my prior post I introduced the wonders of the 5 W’s, and how you could benefit from utilizing this foundation of journalism in your efforts to innovate & develop potent marketing strategies. In this post I provide a peak into one of several dozen 5W’s frameworks you can use to turbo-charge your marketing efforts. 5 W’s Consumer Journey Framework This … Read More