Getting to know your product

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There are few greater career levers in marketing and product management than having a deep understanding of your products & their consumers.  When colleagues, partners, and management see that you’ve gained such mastery, your ability to influence & drive business decisions grows substantially.One method I’ve found for quickly infusing yourself with a healthy dose of product insight is running your … Read More

Strategic Marketing Framework to print out & hang on your wall at work

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I’ve found this framework to be immensely helpful to me throughout my career.  Particularly during those fire-fighting, short-term focused periods of work that we all experience from time to time, this framework has always helped me to reorient myself & recalibrate. There’s a lot more to come with the framework – I’ll be drilling down into the different dimensions in … Read More

Another framework to print out and put on your wall at work

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Akin Arikan, author of Multichannel Marketing: Metrics and Methods for On and Offline Success, did a beautiful job grafting a digital/web 2.0 layer onto my strategic marketing framework. (His terrific framework is just below) Also, I highly recommend you read his post describing his digital marketing framework so you can get a better understand of the concepts behind it. Powerful, … Read More

Using segmentation to develop your marketing strategy

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While there are many ways to harness the power of segmentation, one of the broadest and most valuable applications is for designing your marketing strategy – a strategy that clearly defines who you’re targeting, what you’re going to offer them, where you’re going to reach them, and how you’re going to sell them on your product & brand. The key … Read More

Grow or die! Product fertilizer to grow your top line

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Apologies on the overly dramatic, “please-read-me!” title. I figured I’d jump into the pool with the rest of the bloggers attempting to get the attention of the 1.6 billion of you bouncing around the virtual world. Anyhow, you’re probably familiar with the phrase, “whatever stops growing eventually dies”. And, while I don’t subscribe to this black & white, morbid declaration, … Read More