Engaging Influentials: Twitter and Beyond

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By David Capece, Managing Partner at SparxooWith the rapid adoption of social media, we have accelerated into a network economy. In a network economy, connectivity enables value to be created and shared by network members. The larger the network, the greater the potential benefits. In the digital world, network activities take place on an open platform that enables participation and … Read More

Injecting some Maslow into your marketing

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What would you say if I told you that just a few miles off the coast of Australia was a tiny island where a man’s success was indicated by the colorfulness of his shirt? Think male peacocks or Seinfeld-as-pirate, whichever is easier to visualize. For fear of defaming the semester I studied anthropology in London, I will leave the “anthro-isms” … Read More

Marketing warriors, fight for thy customer!

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Whenever I need a little marketing pick-me-up, I turn to this guy, The Ultimate Warrior (the nice-looking gentleman pictured to the right). A beacon of strength, courage & determination, Ultimate fought his way to the top of the World Wrestling Federation during my youth, despite the greater popularity of Hulk Hogan. Sure, much of his energy was likely derived from … Read More

Innoviation via other worlds: a tool for generating powerful ideas for your business

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I’m not quite referring to Mars or Pluto when I say “other worlds”. Although, there is no doubt that even a few seconds of stargazing can inspire & fuel your innovation efforts. By “other worlds” I’m talking a little closer to home than Mars or Pluto. What I am referring to is a great framework for innovation in which we … Read More

Marketing & the 5 W’s: why every marketer should take a journalism class

5Ws, business strategy, context, contextual marketing, innovation, marketing, marketing strategy, segmentation

Journalism 101. Who, what, when, where, why, how?… these key dimensions that are the foundation of journalism can also be used to design great marketing & segmentation strategies, and to turbo-charge your innovation efforts. The 5 W’s as they have been dubbed, can serve as a powerful tool for gaining deep insight into the contextual nature surrounding the need for … Read More