Injecting some Maslow into your marketing

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What would you say if I told you that just a few miles off the coast of Australia was a tiny island where a man’s success was indicated by the colorfulness of his shirt? Think male peacocks or Seinfeld-as-pirate, whichever is easier to visualize. For fear of defaming the semester I studied anthropology in London, I will leave the “anthro-isms” … Read More

How to spur innovation using Maslow’s hierarchy of needs

innovation, Maslow, product development, psychology

Abraham Maslow, the psychologist from Brooklyn who is famous for his ‘hierarchy of human needs’ has contributed more to the discipline of marketing than he ever would have probably imagined. Mind you, Maslow probably spent little if any time contemplating marketing so he likely would have been ambivalent towards his contribution. Regardless of Maslow’s intentions when he devised his famed … Read More