How well does your product speak (SCREAM!) its value to customers?

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Shy products are losing products.  Your product must SHOUT! its value to customers on an ongoing basis.  Whether your product is an app, an insurance policy, an energy-saving service or providing IT support, it is essential that you develop a strategy to communicate the value your product is providing customers on a recurring basis, particularly as part of a customer’s … Read More

Getting to know your product

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There are few greater career levers in marketing and product management than having a deep understanding of your products & their consumers.  When colleagues, partners, and management see that you’ve gained such mastery, your ability to influence & drive business decisions grows substantially.One method I’ve found for quickly infusing yourself with a healthy dose of product insight is running your … Read More

21 Great Questions to Generate New Product Innovations

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As I always say, if you can’t beat ’em, re-publish ’em – with the proper sourcing, of course 🙂   With a career that has focused deeply on product (management, marketing, development, innovation), I’d like to think I’m quite the connoisseur of the finest of writings on such topics.  Below is a terrific set of questions for getting you out … Read More

“Would you like a coke with your product-sandwich?”

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When was the last time you bought the most expensive wine on the shelf at your local wine store? My guess is that most of you can’t recall the last time you did either because when you go to the wine store you “play it safe” and usually buy a wine priced “somewhere in the middle”. I know I do. … Read More

Grow or die! Product fertilizer to grow your top line

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Apologies on the overly dramatic, “please-read-me!” title. I figured I’d jump into the pool with the rest of the bloggers attempting to get the attention of the 1.6 billion of you bouncing around the virtual world. Anyhow, you’re probably familiar with the phrase, “whatever stops growing eventually dies”. And, while I don’t subscribe to this black & white, morbid declaration, … Read More