What is customer segmentation?

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Like so many buzz words in marketing, “segmentation” is one of those that is interpreted by folks to mean many different things. If the word “segmentation” were blurted out in a room of 20 business people, chances are it would conger up 20 different images of all colors, shapes & sizes. So what is segmentation and how can it propel … Read More

Reduce customer churn using the 5W’s Tool

5Ws, attrition, churn, loyalty, retention, segmentation

My love for the 5Ws was professed (or at least implied) in a prior post, proving that I am not afraid to express my deep affection for abstract concepts – luckily I have a very understanding wife. So here we go again, another ode to the 5Ws, one of the simplest yet most powerful ways to generate ideas to improve … Read More