Snapshot of some of my favorite business books

business books

So I was in my office today and my smartphone was nudging me to take a quick snapshot of a stunning view of some of my favorite business books… it’s so hard to say no to a nagging phone… You can checkout the full library of my favorite business books here.  Enjoy!

Search Engine Optimization for Dummies and Dummy-Impersonators

digital marketing, SEO

This post is for those of you who see the acronym SEO and feel your throat tighten, your palms begin to sweat, and think to yourself, “ughhh, I know we need this SEO stuff for or to our website, I only wish I knew what SEO stood for!..” (And no, you’re far from a dummy if you find SEO confusing … Read More

“Would you like a coke with your product-sandwich?”

portfolio strategy, pricing, product strategy, products

When was the last time you bought the most expensive wine on the shelf at your local wine store? My guess is that most of you can’t recall the last time you did either because when you go to the wine store you “play it safe” and usually buy a wine priced “somewhere in the middle”. I know I do. … Read More

Reduce customer churn using the 5W’s Tool

5Ws, attrition, churn, loyalty, retention, segmentation

My love for the 5Ws was professed (or at least implied) in a prior post, proving that I am not afraid to express my deep affection for abstract concepts – luckily I have a very understanding wife. So here we go again, another ode to the 5Ws, one of the simplest yet most powerful ways to generate ideas to improve … Read More

Marcom case study: the “Hyatt Shuttle” of New York’s Grand Central Station

marketing communication, segmentation

It’s not often these days I’m stopped in my tracks (no pun intended) by an ad or related form of marketing communication. Most of them seem to fuse with the background becoming invisible in mere seconds. This week was an exception, however, and it underscores one of the core principles any marketer should keep in mind when crafting effective marketing … Read More