Pricing… the pain-inducing side of any business transaction for the buyer; the profit-producing side for the seller.  Pricing done right can mean the difference between closing up shop and blowing up into a billion-dollar enterprise.  There are a few books on the subject I can strongly recommend on the topic, and there are many more on the topic I look forward to reading…


#1: “The Strategy & Tactics of Pricing” by Thomas Nagle and John Hogan

While not a book for beginners, this is the single-best book on pricing I’ve read, hands down. Let’s face it, most of us get a little nervous when we move beyond cost-plus pricing or competitor-based pricing. But Nagle & Hogan are pricing gods, blending a profit-maximizing approach to pricing with a keen insight into the psychology of consumers & price perception. Their content is highly relevant for making pricing decisions within both B2B and B2C markets.

Chapter 4 on understanding and influencing the purchase decision is worth the price of the book alone. All I can say is never sit down with this book without a highlighter and a pen handy because you’ll be marking it up from beginning to end.

Enjoy, and please share your comments if you’ve already read it.

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